“Elpida MV” and “LEF1” are Larnaka’s first artificial reefs

A 63-metre long cargo ship named “Elpida MV” (Greek word which means “Hope”) and a 16-meter long vessel called “LEF1” have been sunk off the coast of Larnaka Bay, on December, 2019. “Elpida MV” was sunk to a depth of 30 meters and “LEF1” was sunk to a shallower depth of 13 meters.

“Elpida MV” and “LEF1” are Larnaka’s first artificial reefs, aiming to enrich marine biodiversity and expand fishery populations while providing enhanced creative, cultural and educational experiences to visitors and residents of Larnaka.

Dive sites in Larnaka area include the world-renowned Zenobia-wreck (one of the top-ten wreck dives worldwide), the two artificial reefs called “Elpida MV” and “LEF1”, the Pyla Sea Caves and the Meneou-Kiti coast which is an area famous for snorkeling.