A “Zenobia Wreck Dive” is a must during your accommodation in Larnaka, Cyprus!

The 172 meters long Zenobia Wreck Diving Site is a well-known, penetrable wreck in the Mediterranean Sea. Nicknamed ‘The Titanic of the Mediterranean’, it is rated as one of the top ten wrecks dives in the world. The wreck is accessible by boat, only 1.4 kilometers of the coast of Larnaka.

Zenobia was a Swedish built Challenger-class ferry which capsized and sank in the Mediterranean Sea, close to Larnaka. The ferry sank to the Sea bed in the early hours of the 7th of June 1980. The seabed is at a depth of 42 meters, and the top of the wreck is 16 meters below the water surface. The water visibility is up to 50 meters. The marine life in and around the wreck is unique in Cyprus and the list of the species of fishes is endless.