Kamares (Old Aqueduct)

Larnaka’s Kamares (Old Aqueduct) is also known as Bekir Pasha Aqueduct. This marvellous architectural treasure was built in 1747 during the Ottoman rule by Bekir Pasha. The aqueduct consists of 75 arches, where water was channelled to Larnaca from Tremithos to Larnaka until 1936. By 1939 the aqueduct’s service was no longer needed as modern pipes were installed.  Currently, they are more than 20 arches still standing. The aqueduct is illuminated upon nightfall highlighting its beauty. You will also find a cobblestone area with benches where you can rest or relax with the aqueduct as a backdrop. Undoubtedly, Kamares is one of the most well-preserved and impressive landmarks in Larnaka.