Kite Surfing

Larnaka is a favorite destination for this sporting activity. World Kitesurfing Champion, Kevin Langeree, tested the Larnaka waters highlighting the thermal winds, waves and safe waters of the area.

The coastal area from Mazotos to Kiti villages have been confirmed as the best spots for kite surfing. With steady winds from May to October, Larnaka is considered the best place in Cyprus for this sport, with these western coasts offering the ideal conditions.
The two kite-surfing clubs operate in: Mazotos: Kahuna Surfhouse (38 km from the Hotels, approx. 30 minute drive). Kiti / Pervolia Village: Kitemed Kitesurfing School (30 km from the Hotels – approx. 25 minute drive).

* Both are open to everyone
* Qualified instructors by the International Kiteboarding Organization