Sightseeing in Larnaka city centre

Sightseeing in Larnaka city centre

Larnaka has a host of activities to offer as well as days spending lounging on its beautiful beaches! The Larnaka city centre is approximately a 15-minute drive from the Golden Bay Beach Hotel. Transportation is available either via Public Buses or via Private Taxi.

  1. Larnaka Palm Trees Promenade (“Foinikoudes”) and Marina

The seaside promenade, lined with Palm trees, is one of Larnaka’s most distinctive features and cosmopolitan areas. A popular meeting and walking place, bordered with traditional tavernas, restaurants and bars. The picturesque Larnaka Marina is located in “Foinikoudes” Promenade Street; a lot of boat tours start from there.

  1. Lazaros Church and Byzantine Museum of St. Lazarus Church

A late 9th century Church, built to treasure the tomb of Lazarus, who according to legend, was expelled from Bethany to Kition after his miracle resurrection by Jesus Christ. The sarcophagus of St. Lazaros is held in great veneration to this day.

The Church is situated in the Larnaka Centre.

Byzantine Museum of St. Lazarus Church is located at the St. Lazarus Church and it exhibits important relics and icons, Byzantine Gospels and Crosses.

  1. Pieridis Museum

The Nation’s oldest private museum, mainly projects the Greek Civilization through a journey of Prehistoric, Geometric, Archaic, Classic and Hellenistic times, with objects dated from 4,000 B.C.

  1. Larnaka Medieval Castle

Situated at the coastal avenue of ‘Foinikoudes’, dates back to the 16th Century. The view from the roof top is absolutely stunning!

  1. Larnaka Art Galleries

Located on Europe’s Square at ‘Foinikoudes’, the Gallery holds mainly modern art exhibitions.

  1. Zeno of Kition Statue

The Great philosopher born in Larnaka in 334B.C., is the founder of the Stoic school of Philosophy. Larnaka honored Zeno with two statues in the city centre; one located in Europe Square, and the other opposite the Municipal Gardens.

  1. District Archaeological Museum Larnaka:

Located on the “Plateia Kalograon”, it exhibits findings from the Prehistoric times, the Neolithic settlements of Choirokitia and Tenta, up to the phases of the Late Bronze Era. The Museum consists of four galleries, disposing all objects in a following chronological succession.

  1. “Kamares” – The Old Aqueduct:

Built in 1747, it consists 75 arches, it once channeled water from the river “Tremithos” to Larnaka until 1936.

  1. Larnaka Salt Lake and The Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque:

Situated near the Larnaka International Airport, it fills up with water during winter and it is visited by migratory birds, from November until the end of March.

  1. Ancient Kition:

Located in the north west of Larnaka, it features temples dating back to the 13th Century B.C. Remains of tombs made from gold, ivory and bronze are also distinct for visitors.