“The Telegraph” states that Larnaka is the 17th oldest inhabited city in the world

Larnaka, Cyprus has its own tales to tell: Old buildings sit next to modern developments; in between you can find ancient treasures which remind the rich cultural history of Kition, the City Kingdom of present day Larnaca. According to the renowned UK newspaper “The Telegraph”, Larnaca is the 17th oldest city in the world; the earliest inhabitants settled in the city back in 1400 BC.

This ancient city consists of two sides named “Kathari” and “Pampoula”, dated back to the 13th century BC. Excavations uncovered five consecutive temples and workshops for the smelting of copper and evidence of human habitation and religious worship were found at Kathari. Those two areas were inhabited from the end of the Geometric to the Hellinistic period.

Larnaca is astonishing in every season as it offers you the opportunity to touch its ancient mysteries and miracles. You can walk through the streets of the city and discover the most popular cultural highlights: The Medieval Castle as well as the Church of Saint Lazarus, Kamares Aqueductand, Pattichion Municipal Ampitheatre and Stavrovouni Monastery. The beach is backed by a seafront promenade lined with palm trees, the Phinikoudes Promenade Street.

You can step even further back in time, travelling 9000 years to the Neolithic Period at the Pierides Museum and you can also learn about ancient medicine at the fascinating Kyriazis Medical Museum. Moreover, you can head out to ocean for a shipwreck dive through crystalline waters around the Wreck of Zenobia or you can take in the magnificent views of the Larnaca Salt Lake where in the winter season the colorful flamingos will enhance your experience.

For action, plan outdoor safari rides, boat trips around the coast, walk along organized nature trails or go hiking, cycling, horse riding or fishing. Additionally, you can play tennis or you can go under water for snorkeling or scuba diving or try a water sport.

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